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Fishing in Estonia is a popular recreational activity due to the country's extensive coastline, numerous rivers and lakes. Estonia offers diverse fishing opportunities, making it an attractive destination for anglers.

  1. Coastal Fishing: Estonia has a coastline along the Baltic Sea, offering opportunities for sea fishing. Common catches include sea trout, pike, garfish, and perch. All fishing methods are intended for both beginners and experienced anglers.

  2. Inland Fishing: Estonia's numerous rivers and lakes offer plenty of opportunities for freshwater fishing. Some of the popular species you can catch are pike, perch, spot, brown trout and salmon. Many rivers and lakes are easily accessible and obtaining a recreational fishing license is easy.

  3. Ice Fishing: In the winter months (january, february, march), when the lakes and the sea freeze over, ice fishing becomes a popular activity. We can catch perch and bream using special fishing gear. Ice fishing offers a real experience for every angler who has not practiced ice fishing before.