Sustainable fishing With fishing (recreational/sport fishing) it’s very important not to forget sustainability. For that we have compiled a 10-point ethical code for recreational fishermen that will allow also future generations to enjoy abundant and clean nature.

Respect fish, man and nature.
1. Set an example in fishing and pass on your knowledge of responsible fishing. Use gear that is specifically designed and adapted for each species.

2. Comply with your local fishing regulations and reporting. Respect nature reserves and the species that live there.

3. Support and practice Catch & Release. Handle the fish carefully and with techniques that harm the fish as little as possible. Only catch as much fish as you will consume.

4. Keep the nature around You clean. Always take back all of the garbage with you, even if it has been left by someone else.

5. Respect other fishermen - Don't get too close to other fishermen and don't bother them for no reason. If possible, select another area.

6. Respect private property and landowners. When traveling by car in the wild, use only the designated road or path and drive only where permitted.

7. Safety is important! Fishing is fun but can be dangerous, so act responsibly and keep yourself and others safe at all times. It is not advisable to consume alcohol while fishing.

8. Do not be neglectful if you see a violation of the law. If you sight a violation, call them to order and inform the police and / or the environmental inspectorate.

9. Contribute to improve the fish stocks. Act as a volunteer in restoring spawning grounds, removing beaver dams or protecting fish during their spawn period.

10. Follow these principles and introduce them to other fishermen.

Estfish crew